My Choice

I made a choice to start this blog.  I will be choosing what to post.  Most of what I will post will be my own opinions.  That’s only right, since it is my blog.  I certainly don’t wish to post other people’s opinions.  They can do that in their own blogs.

By making this choice, I am going to take the responsibility for offending or pleasing other people who read my blog.  Feel free to comment with praise, agreement or disagreement.  If comments left include foul language, tirades, tantrums or personal attacks on me, they will be summarily ignored and deleted.  I would like to see people who comment reply to each other and get a dialogue started, but with respect for differences of opinions and without heated anger and/or degrading personal attacks.  I would also ask that anyone stating facts be responsible enough to verify them and give the book, author, commentator, site or school name where they obtained the information.  After all, this is my blog and my opinions.  Comments can be opinions also, but when numbers, dates, and other facts are presented, they should be verifiable.  No factual information should be misleading or incorrect.

I think I should also let anyone taking the time to read this blog know that I am not a young person sitting in my underwear in my parents’ basement.  I am a seasoned citizen in my 60s and working full time.  [Author’s update 7/21/16:  I retired in January, 2015.]  I pay my taxes and vote just like anyone else.  I have decades of experience and learning to share and on which to base my opinions.  I do not wish to offend or antagonize anyone.  I simply am taking advantage of a marvelous new gift of technology that allows me to connect with others.

I will not apologize for my opinions.  If someone takes issue with me on a topic, that is fine.  I’m not here to be coerced or intimidated into changing my mind.  If you absolutely hate what I say, don’t bother to read anymore of what I type.  Move on to whatever pleases you.  Don’t fret about what upsets you.  If you want to discuss something in a civil dialogue, please do so.  I like learning new things, but I took over 60 years to come to these opinions and conclusions of mine.  Don’t expect me to change my way of thinking.  I may add new ideas, but overall my basic way of thinking will not change.

I am a very rational person.  I think things through before acting.  I do not operate on emotion and warm fuzzy feelings, although I like them.  I temper my decisions with emotion, but base my decisions on reality and common sense.

I am hopeful that in posting to this blog, I will meet many new friends and have friendly and lively discussions with people from all walks of life all over the world.  I regret that I am rather limited to conversing only in English as my French and Spanish skills are terribly lacking and I have virtually no other language skills.  It is a terrible shortcoming on my part, as I dearly love language and spelling, grammar and punctuation in my own beloved English language are extremely important to me.

At any rate, I hope people will find this blog interesting and will follow it fairly regularly as time permits.  I look forward to hearing from all of you who stop by.


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