The Libyan Lie

Qaddafi was no threat to the U.S. I remember Reagan speaking outside the White House one winter day about him and saying, “It may be snowing here, but all the flakes aren’t in DC.” Qaddafi was crazy, but not a threat to us. There was no U.S. reason to arm his enemies. But once those weapons were in Libya, it was the first step on their journey to their ultimate destination: Syria. Hillary’s cold comment (spoken with a smile on her face and a joyful tone) about, “We came, we saw, he died.” sent chills down my spine. These people have an agenda and they will let no moral code of right or decency stand in their way. They will even dance on the graves of those whom they must kill to advance that agenda. These are heartless, unfeeling power mongers. The problem is, they do not seem to realize that those they are climbing into bed with are going to behead them just as quickly as they would any of the rest of us. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Radical Islamists will happily cut the throats of any “infidel” as soon as they reach the tipping point in their own struggle for power. That includes Obama, Michelle, their daughters and any other westerner who helps them reach that point, as well as any who get in their way. In their minds, this isn’t a game for who gets the most marbles. This is a religion-driven struggle for a one-world religion enforced by death to any who oppose it.

It seems that many in the government of the U.S. right now want to forge alliances with the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The reasons for that alliance are unclear, other than to keep oil from the middle East flowing to the U.S. and other allies. The only other possible reason would be if they think such an alliance would help other countries around the world in some other fashion. I fail to see what the benefit could be, unless possibly it would prevent a bloody uprising of some sort. But that doesn’t make any sense either because, if a Caliphate were to come about by these radical Islamists taking control, there would be no end of the blood letting until every human on earth agreed to join that religion. So are our leaders simply trying to buy time before such an event or are they thinking they will somehow be spared the blade in the end and be able to keep their power? Either way, the rest of us would be sacrificed when all was said and done.

I truly believe that Obama has sympathies with the Islamists. I believe he is totally narcissistic and believes he will remain in power but in an Islamist run world because of the aid he is giving them now. He believes that he and his wife and children will not have to abide by sharia. He will simply be the leader of the rest of the world that the Islamists don’t claim and control. He couldn’t be more wrong. The radical version of Islam is absolutely intolerant of anyone who does not accept their belief system and sharia law. It is a blood-thirsty system by any standards. I do not think for one moment that Michelle Obama would ever don a burka. There is no way she would ever subjugate herself to a man dictating to her what she could and could not do in her personal daily life. These radical Islamists will never restrain themselves from their zealous desire to take over the entire globe and rule everyone on earth with an iron glove and sharia law. This is what they believe to their core must happen. They are following a prophet who was documented to have slaughtered many, tortured many more and molested women and children. Mohammed was a madman, mad with power and the need for complete and utter domination and control. He preached that women were property and had no rights under sharia. He was one of the greatest haters mankind has ever seen. This isn’t opinion. His life of terrorizing and brutality is well-known and the radical Islamists believe everything Mohammed spoke and nothing short of death will in any way divert them from doing all they can to bring the Caliphate to pass.

No one can reason with a religious zealot. No one can put any trust in what such a person says. They are driven by something so deep within that they will never turn from it. Tolerance and love for their fellow man does not exist. Only the the entire world bow to Mohammed, the Koran and the most radical form of Islam will sate them.

But Obama and his ilk think they are much wiser and more convincing. They believe they can work with such people because of their silver tongues and intellect. Because of that, they don’t believe we will be destroyed by these hate mongers, and even if we are, they won’t be. Pride goeth before the fall. These people of power and influence have so convinced themselves of their invincibility that they are willing to gamble everything on it and all of us as well. And so I must ask, what is worth such a gamble? How will such a gamble benefit this nation? What is the risk to our nation if we don’t forge such alliances? Which has more possibility of coming to fruition, the benefit or the risk? Even more disturbing is the question what if the only benefit is for those in power now and no benefit to the nation at all? Does anyone believe that a narcissist wouldn’t put his own need for power above the risk of destruction of his nation? How many times throughout history have other narcissists done exactly that? Such thoughts and assertions are not scare mongering. History does repeat itself and always has. We may think we are more enlightened than our forebears, but they weren’t fools. The same human condition and faults as well as qualities have always existed just as they do today in each of us.

We must be pragmatic. We cannot allow ourselves to follow someone based on feelings, opinions and how they look to us. Good intentions are never enough. We must be intellectually guided with a moral compass in our hearts and minds. We must hold our leaders to a higher standard than we do ourselves, and we must hold ourselves to the highest standards we know of. Leaders cannot be dishonest, dishonorable or without faith. Leaders must know where they are leading their followers and be strong enough in the conviction that they feel no need to hide the destination from their followers. Leaders must have faith in their followers’ intelligence, else why would they follow that man or woman? If a leader has inept and ignorant followers, how is that anything to be proud of? If such followers are not well-informed and well-educated, what does it matter who they follow? If followers do not know the true destination and why it is important to get there, what does it matter where they are led? Integrity and character and humility, the admission of a leader that he is guided by someone greater than any man or woman are the most important qualities any leader can have. Sincerity, compassion and strength to stand against criticism are characteristics that cannot be purchased at any price. Love for others over self is the most valuable quality in any person, leader or follower.

Where is the person of any gender, religion, race or color who can claim these? That is the person I would follow. That is the person I would vote for. That is the person I would listen to. Does that person live in my country? Is there such a one who will speak up, raise their hand and sacrifice all they have for this nation? If not, we are doomed.


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