It Is Not Whites Who Are Racist

Response to Western Journalism article on Jan. 6, 2016 and comment made by Cortney Moore

Comment by Cortney Moore:  Wow. I was right after all. Hatred of Barack Obama REALLY DOES stem from racism and bigotry. It’s his last year in office and NO ONE is hiding their racism and bigotry anyomore. They even further it by their fellow racist, bigot Donald Trump and his Mexican-bashing, Black-bashing, Muslim-bashing rants.

My response:  Cortney Moore, you really are in the tank for this racist president, aren’t you? HE is the one who continually stirs the racist pot every chance he gets. HE is the one who has stated over and over again that HE believes there is rampant racism in this country. HE is the one who constantly provokes poor and disadvantaged blacks into violence against law enforcement claiming they are mistreated because of their skin color. HE is the one who was mentored by extreme racists as a young adult. HE is the one who sought out those mentors and stated he felt more at ease with them than any others. HE is the one who works behind the scenes with racists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright. HE is the one who just can’t let go of skin color. HE, those like him, like you, can’t see anything about a person other than the color of their skin. That is a very shallow way of determining anyone’s worth, ability, intellect, motivation, character. But that is what racists do. They make an immediate judgement of a person based on nothing more than skin color.

Then HE, after noticing the color of the person’s skin, makes his next judgement of them based on whether they are Marxist or not. So there you have it. There is nothing about this country that pleases Obama because, in his mind, it was established by whites who were freedom loving people and both of those things are abhorrent to him. He absolutely hates whites and he absolutely thinks Marxism is the best form of government.

It isn’t whites who hate blacks. Quite the other way around. People like Obama have been spewing hatred for whites far longer than any old southern plantation owners ever did. They were fighting an uphill battle with abolitionists, who, by the way, were Republicans. It was the Democrats who considered whites to be better than blacks. It was the Democrats who did everything they could to prevent the abolition of slavery. It was the Democrats who formed the KKK. It was the Democrats who fought against civil rights at every turn. LBJ was one of the biggest impediments to civil rights until after JFK’S assassination. And then he only did what he did because it was going to hurt him big time politically if he didn’t.

Do some reading, Cortney, and I don’t mean Slate or Politico. Get some facts, not opinions. It isn’t the whites who keep the inner cities impoverished. It isn’t the whites who run those cities. The whites left those areas decades ago driven out by ever increasing crime and violence.  Those places are run by racist blacks who only care about making money, not improving their communities. It’s been well over 50 years now that all the inner cities in this country have been run by bigotted blacks. So, if the color of skin makes the difference in a person’s integrity, tell me why those inner cities are in the condition they’re in.

I am white and native American. I have a daughter, born of love, with a black man. I can tell you right now, from personal experience, I would be killed in a heartbeat if I entered a black neighborhood in the inner city, but my daughter’s father is perfectly safe in white suburbia. In fact, even his life would be in danger in an inner city. So go spout your backward ideas of who is racist in this country somewhere else and make your ridiculous claims of Obama’s non-existent integrity somewhere else as well.

This nation was built mainly by whites. But it wasn’t the color of their skin that made it great. It was their ideas and their commitment to making a great nation for ALL people that got us so far. It was racists and bigots that stalled our nation and they and Marxists have begun our demise. People like you, who are sucked into that ideology, are being used. :You are the “useful idiots” that Stalin referred to in Russia. You aren’t thinking. You are reacting to emotions. You are being played by masters of manipulation who only want to achieve Marxist rule and destroy the best country the world has ever known.


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