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Bringing Jobs Back Home

Businessmen start businesses to make a profit.  The better they are at that, the more people they can hire.  Businessmen spend years of sacrifice building their businesses.  They don’t take paid vacations or holidays or even weekends off for years at a time.  They miss their children’s recitals and sporting events because they are working 80 hours a week trying to build something for their family’s future.  When and if they finally achieve success, they don’t expect to be regulated and taxed to the point where all that sacrifice wasn’t worth it.  If they can find a more profit friendly environment overseas, they take it.

This country has been over regulating and taxing the businessman into oblivion for many decades.  On top of that, it has given tax breaks to countries selling their products here.  How is a company supposed to compete with that?  Of course those jobs go overseas.  And even then, if those products our companies make overseas come back into this country for sale, they are taxed heavily.

Government makes no product so it cannot generate any revenue.  But it can raise taxes to get revenue.  A company can only raise prices on its product to increase its revenue.  Once the price is too high, they lose customers to their competition and go out of business.  The government doesn’t have any competition.  It can raise taxes until 100% of everything you earn goes to them.  You can’t stop paying them because you aren’t paying taxes by choice.  You are forced to pay taxes or go to prison and lose everything you own.  So the government never has to worry about losing its revenue source.

Trump understands business.  Trump understands trade inequities between countries.  Trump knows that US companies would love to return here, but can’t afford to do business here under the current tax and trade policies.  Want to see companies return and unemployment go down?  Then put Trump in the White House where he can do something about this problem.  When he says he wants to make America great again, a huge part of that is making sure America’s interests are put first ahead of other countries which are reaping unwarranted benefits in unfair trade agreements.  He wants to give our own companies the advantage, which they haven’t had in a very long time.  He isn’t concerned with making international trade agreements that are simply “fair” with other nations.  He wants America to have the advantage.

Life isn’t fair.  There can only be one top dog.  If you want to be top dog you have to act like top dog, and the top dog protects his pack against all comers.


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