Doree's blog
Flagstaff, AZ

Bio: I am a retired single woman who has strong patriotic and conservative opinions. I do not have a college degree, but I do have common sense. I have held many jobs in my lifetime from legal secretary to periodontal surgery assistant to transcriptionist to professional vocalist to long haul trucker and everything in between. I have been married and divorced once. I have raised a daughter alone. I have made mistakes and bad decisions and even some embarrassing choices in life, but I've always accepted the responsibility and blame for all of it. I've learned from my mistakes. I know the constitution and understand it well enough to have come to the conclusion that liberalism is a complete 180 from what this country was meant to work toward. I love animals and good music. I have no time for emotional fools or people who have no facts on statistics to support their opinions. I do not suffer fools lightly and I refuse to go quietly into that good night without a damned good fight. I do not bow to intimidation or fear tactics and I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyrannical demands which infringe on my rights. I live in the real world. I wholeheartedly believe in being prepared for everything as much as possible and reasonable. I have many skills such as gardening, needlework arts, bead work, cooking, baking, food storage & dehydration, backhoe operation, bushcrafting, first aid & CPR, playing the autoharp, etc. I believe in God and that Jesus is the Messiah, but I am not a zealot & I do not try to convince others to believe as I believe. I just live what I believe. All of this is what makes me who I am. I'm not perfect or anywhere close to it, but I am unique and worthwhile.

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