Comment in Response to Article on “The Hill” Website: Meghan McCain slams ‘felon’ Dinesh D’Souza over tweets mocking father’s captivity By Joe Concha – 06/22/17 11:58 AM EDT

 Meghan McCain slams 'felon' Dinesh D'Souza over tweets mocking father's captivity

First of all, she needs to get rid of the push-up bra. She’s far to (ahem) hefty to wear one.

Secondly, the men in captivity with her father were the ones who named him the “songbird” because it was her father who sang like a bird to his captors. Being a POW is no walk in the park and McCain undoubtedly suffered greatly, but no more so than any other captive. And they didn’t give information to the people beating and torturing them the way McCain did.

But all of that aside, McCain came home to a wife who waited for him and cared for him as he recovered. Then she was in a terrible accident and, when she needed him, this poor, abused POW (who should have known better than anyone else what it’s like to be alone, fearful, and in pain) told her she was no longer attractive to him and he left her.

Then he married a woman who had a lot of wealth so that she could finance his political aspirations. And to reach those lofty aspirations, he played the POW card. He’s a piece of crap and no more of a Republican than Hillary is. His POW status has been overplayed for years.

He doesn’t deserve any more sympathy for having been a POW than he gave his first wife. Now there was a true POW. I can only imagine the mental and emotional pain and anguish he caused her and never gave it a passing thought. He’s no better than the men who caused him so much pain. He’s worse because they were doing what they did as soldiers in time of war and believed in the cause of their country. McCain did what he did to his wife because he wanted to rise in politics for his own agrandizement, wealth, and power.

And what did he do with the power he gained as a senator? Nothing good. He has ignored the people he was elected to represent. He has gone along with the Democrats on every issue. He keeps getting elected based on his POW status and the money he has used to grease the palms of those who should be on the opposite side. He’s as slimy and corrupt as anyone else in politics, with the possible exception of the Clintons.

He has done nothing to keep Arizonans safe from the murderers who illegally cross into our state from the south. Ranchers and their families are in constant danger, real danger, of losing their lives, having their homes burned down, kidnapping, losing their livestock, and many other terrifying dangers from that southern border.

McCain ridicules Trump, but Trump is doing what McCain has never even attempted. McCain is nothing. He has no relevance and his past record in the Senate proves that he is a coward politically. So why would anyone think he was not a coward as a POW?

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The REAL Reason for Gun Control

Response to online comment by calebsmum to article on Blue Lives Matter website, article titled “Nationwide Manhunt For Michael Bullinger After Multiple Dead Women Found On His Property” dated June 21, 2017

Some background:  calebsmum was responding to someone who disagreed with his/her favorable stand on gun control which morphed into what his/her true issues seem to be.

calebsmum How do we pollute less? Lots of way. 🙂 Live close to your work so that you can walk or bike instead of commute 30 minutes to an hour, like many people do. Use carpools, public transportation, bikes; use solar or other alternative energy sources to heat/cool your home. If you don’t need it, don’t use it (air conditioning). Many people use it just to be comfortable when it’s not necessary, instead stay cool by closing doors and windows during the heat of the day, using deciduous trees to block the sun during the summer but allow heat during the winter…we CAN do more, it’s just that many people feel selfishly entitled to what they want, instead of what’s best.

My response:  You are a very dangerous person.  You presume to know what’s “best.”  Best for whom?  Everyone?  The entire world?  Just who the hell are you to make such assumptions?  You think that everyone should live as you choose to live and everyone should agree with your ideologies.  And if they don’t, you call them selfish?  Selfish according to your personal judgment?  Again, just who the hell are you?  You think that you have all the answers to save the world and mankind.  You see no problem with infringing on others’ rights or freedoms when it will enforce your personal beliefs.

That is the definition of fascism.  You feel it is just fine to tax, fine, and even imprison people if they don’t adhere to your ideas of what is right for all of mankind.  God made this planet and presented it to man.  God Himself gave man the freedom to choose who to worship and obey, and you weren’t on the list of choices.

Who or what the hell gave you the superior authority to overrule anyone on how they should live, where they should live, how they should heat or cool their homes, what form of transportation they should use or how comfortable they should be while doing any of that?

And none of that has anything to do with whether people have the right to keep and bear arms without restrictions being placed on them when they purchase such weapons.  But you think you’re so morally superior and have so much more knowledge that you should be able to dictate that as well.

And when people refuse to comply with all your high and mighty edicts then the punishments are visited on them.  Well, if you wish to call me selfish, that is your label not mine.  I am an individual and I have the freedom to make my own choices.  I will not comply with enforced morality based on computer models and junk science and consensus rather than empirical, factual evidence.  Not when it is in regard to how I live my life or how I defend my life.

You, and those who think as you do, are pompous asses.  You seek to rule over people in every aspect of their daily lives and control them completely because you think you have that superior right, much as Islam rules over people.  Well, if God didn’t seek to force me to agree with Him and gave me dominion over the earth, if He didn’t try to force me to worship Him, I sure as hell am not about to bow down to you and your ideas of what is important or necessary for the earth to survive and I’m never going to be forced to worship at the altar of man-made computer models which pose as science.

As for your ideas on gun control, stop fearing your fellow-man.  The only reason you want gun control is because, when people refuse to do what you tell them to do, you don’t want them armed and able to defend themselves to prevent their being imprisoned for not complying.  Even God didn’t go that far.  So who the hell are you to think your ideas are more worthwhile than His?  You are a fascist and you label others as fascists for not agreeing with you.  That’s what the left always does.  They paint others with the identifying label before it is used against them.  Saul Alinsky much?

You know perfectly well that it isn’t safety against unhinged people having guns that is at the heart of this gun control argument.  It sounds all compassionate, but it’s really about keeping the populace under control so that other restrictive rules can be pushed down people’s throats and then, when they refuse to be pushed any further, they won’t be able to defend themselves from being pushed the last few steps into complete domination by tyranny.  This isn’t NRA talking points.  Read history from ancient times through to the present day.  It’s always the same pattern.  As I said in the beginning, you are a very dangerous person.

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Liberalism Equals True Facism

The left only knows how to dish it.  They talk the talk all the time, but they can never walk the walk.  It’s fine for them to use the most horrific, terrifying, tasteless, obnoxious, outlandish, vile, vulgar, bullying, destructive, and harmful tactics against others, but as soon as anyone says the least insulting word or makes the least unflattering comment about them, suddenly it’s hate speech or needs to be litigated.  They can say anything they like and it’s free speech, but no one else can say a word against them.  They’re the fascists that they accuse everyone else of being.

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of fascism is:  A political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

According to the left, their political philosophy, movement or regime most certainly exalts race above the individual.  Example: Michael Brown and any BLM advocate, including Maxine Waters who claims a woman of color cannot be impeached.

According to the left, their political philosophy, movement or regime most certainly stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader (Obama saying he would do what he wanted with his pen and phone regardless of Congress), severe economic and social regimentation (decades of welfare entitlements draining the taxpayers), (affirmative action programs to force people to conform to dictated regimental requirements).

But most telling of all is the left’s political philosophy, movement or regime that forces suppression of opposition, as evidenced by their constant funding of rioters, student protesters, and educators at every grade level who refuse to allow anyone to express their point of view openly and freely if it is in opposition to the left’s point of view.

About the only thing that doesn’t prove the left to be fascists is that they don’t exalt the United States of America.  They want to destroy the nation and remake it into their facist utopia.

Griffin is no different from the rest of the leftist liberals.  They’re all of one mind and require everyone else to either agree with them or be destroyed, and they don’t hold themselves to any of the standards they require of everyone else.  They are the true fascists.

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Prosecute Felonious Actions—It’s the Law



So let’s see now. The left illegally unmasked Trump team members before the election, Obama said he would take it as a personal offense if people voted for anyone other than Hillary, the left smeared Trump for not immediately saying he would accept the results of the election and not challenge them, Hillary was given debate questions in advance (cheating), the media constantly hailed Hillary as the first American queen and Trump as a hateful, knuckle dragging cretan, and yet they lost the election. Wow. Even with the mainstream media on their side doing everything they could to thwart Trump and pump up Hillary, and with all their dirty tricks and arrogance, they lost. And they didn’t just lose the presidential election. They lost gubernatorial elections and congressional seats as well. And yet they still can’t see that their ideology is dying. It isn’t what the people want. They still want to obstruct the government while claiming they want what is best for the people. They are causing great harm to the country. 

When the Republicans were thinking of withholding funds to stop Obama’s policies, they were called all kinds of nasty names and the left claimed that the Republicans would rather shut down the government to impede Obama. What the hell are they doing now? They don’t have a majority in either house of congress, so they can’t withhold funding, but they’re causing a massive gridlock situation which, in essence is shutting down the government for all intents and purposes. It is hurting the people. It is telling the people that what they decided doesn’t matter. To the left, the only thing that matters is their socialist agenda, not listening to the people they are supposed to serve. They insist on telling us what to think and what to drive and what to wear and what to eat and which doctor to see and whether we should have that surgery or just take pain pills and how to raise our kids and on and on. THEY are supposed to be doing what WE tell them to do. WE hire THEM. Not the other way around. 

Yes, what was done was illegal. It was felonious. And if the Justice Dept. doesn’t get to the bottom of it and actually prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, there is likely to be hell to pay because the average citizen isn’t going to continue to accept being prosecuted for doing far less when those who are supposed to be our “leaders” get away scot free for doing so much worse. The law is the great leveler. It is supposed to be upheld and enforced for every citizen in exactly the same fair way. This skirting around the law and playing semantics with legal wording must stop. Once a society loses respect for the law it is only a heartbeat away from collapse.


Earn Your Pay or Get Fired

If the senators truly were trying to serve their constituents and this nation, they would have a time limit on confirming or denying a cabinet nominee. By refusing to confirm or deny, when it is not a lame duck nomination, they are being petulant children whose only desire is to obstruct and cause problems for the administration for as long as they possibly can. They show absolutely no regard for the strength and health of the nation and total disregard for the wishes of the people who elected the president and thereby showed their faith in his decisions. It is spiteful and can actually cause harm to the nation. 

Unless the senators can show legitimate and meaningful reasons for not confirming a nominee, they should move this process along for the benefit of the nation and not be so selfish and spiteful based solely on their dislike of or disagreement with the decision of the voters and their elected representative in the White House. They are supposed to be serving us and doing our bidding. We pay them to do that. It isn’t their place to decide who we should or shouldn’t elect. It isn’t their place to thwart him just because their desires weren’t fulfilled. Their desires don’t mean a thing. 

It is the will of the people that matters. This whole great experiment called America was based on the people being able to govern themselves and not be dictated to by a handful of others. We chose Trump. The opposition to Trump, while they shouldn’t rubber stamp everything without consideration first, must stop. It is hindering the will of the people. It is disrespectful to the people and the president and it proves that they don’t care about the people they serve at all. They have no respect for us. They are showing disdain for us and proving that they think they are more intelligent than us and should dictate to us what we should and must do. 

Well, I have nothing but disdain for them because of that and I feel they should no longer be paid their salaries because they are not fulfilling their employment contract with us, their employers. They should be fired, not voted out in the next election. They have already broken faith and refused to earn their paycheck, and they’ve done so for purely selfish motives. So they shouldn’t receive another paycheck just because their tenure hasn’t expired yet. They should either start doing what they’re paid to do and show the people that they respect the people’s choice for president or be fired immediately. That’s what would be expected of any employee/employer relationship. This is no different.

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Islam is NOT a Religion

Islam is a governmental system. It is a totalitarian system that dominates every aspect of daily life. It is tyranny on steroids. The religion that Islam allows is Muslim. Muslim is a religion, but only able to exist if Islam is the system of government.

Muslim cannot exist without Islam to support it and Islam cannot exist without Muslim followers because neither one allows for any freedom or questioning or individuality. The Muslim faith MUST have a legal system (Sharia) and governmental system (Islam) that will enforce its religious practices or else people will question its practices and many will no longer abide by them. Islam MUST have Muslim believers because without them the government would have too many people questioning its tyrannical hold and dominance over them and many would rise up against that government.

Christianity existed long before there was a USA constitution and without Christianity, the USA would still be able to maintain its legal system and government. The USA does not need world dominance to exist and remain strong on its own. The USA was founded mainly on Christian teachings, but it would survive with Jewish, Buddhist, Daoist teachings just as well. Islam cannot do that, which is why they continually try to force Islam on every living being.

If there is even one person who does not submit to Islam, Islam is imperiled because that one person would be the weak link in their chain of dominance. The human spirit always seeks freedom. That will always be Islam’s weakness.

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Liberal v. Conservative

For any group of people to gather together and form a cohesive working relationship, there is a need for certain standards, guides, rules, if you will.  I just sent cold shivers down the spines of any anarchists that may read this; however, even within a family there are behaviors which are not acceptable.  The purpose of such minimum standards is to prevent harm to others in the individual’s sphere of influence.

We begin with protection from physical harm and proceed to emotional and mental harm.  It is instinctive for a parent to want to protect its offspring from harm.  It branches out from there to wanting to protect one’s parents and siblings and other family members.  As families live in communities consisting of other families, people begin to see varying degrees of behavioral acceptance and set community standards for behavior outside the family that most can agree upon.

Eventually these standards become laws which every member of the community is expected to abide by.  This is extremely basic.  As the community grows, it becomes a society and the rules of that society, over time, become a culture.  Many generations later the culture is ingrained in those who have grown up in it and they rely on the history of their forefathers to give validity and credence to the standards by which they live.

If we look back at the beginning of these cultural values, we can see that they were, in fact, based on faith in a power higher than the men/women establishing them.  The most powerful person in the group was expected to follow the same rules because they had to answer to a higher power for their actions.  There was accountability to something more than man.  This is true of all cultures from the beginning of time.

We have now come to a point in societal evolution where people are trying to shake off the idea of a more powerful authority than man.  This is very disturbing to me.  Mankind is somewhat flawed.  Everything is somewhat flawed.  Man is no different.  He is a mortal creature and has what we refer to as human nature.  While man is extremely capable and has great capacity for intellect, he is still humbled by his human nature which he cannot ever overcome.  It is an integral part of his being.  Without it, he would be omnipotent and a mortal being can never be that.

So, realizing his own imperfections, what makes any man think he has all the answers?  What makes anyone think that another person should hold all the keys to his fellow man’s happiness, freedom or opportunity?  We have our cultural standards, laws if you will, by which we agree to abide.  But beyond that, we are accountable to a higher power that even the most intelligent and most physically powerful must inevitably answer.  If this were not so, then the most intelligent and most physically powerful would never cease to live.  They’re human power would never die.  No one would ever be able to overcome such influence over their fellow beings.

And yet there are always those who think they have solved the problems.  They are going to create a society where everyone will have the same amount of everything and everyone will be happy and content.  The fact that thousands of years of history has proven that to be impossible, due to human nature, doesn’t mean a thing to them.  They are more intelligent, in their own eyes, than anyone who has come before them and they have found the magical, golden key that will make everyone’s wish come true.

Unfortunately, they completely disregard that pesky little thing called human nature.  They are oblivious to the reality that man, even they themselves, is flawed.  A flawed being cannot create a perfect society.  It is fine to strive for it, but one must realize that it cannot actually come to pass because perfection cannot be achieved by something imperfect.

In human history, America stands out as the greatest governmental achievement of all time.  This isn’t because it is perfect.  It is because it is the only governmental structure ever devised that allowed for the imperfections of human beings but gave them the freedom to govern themselves and the opportunity to achieve their individual goals while still adhering to basic standards of behavior that have been tried and proven throughout the history of mankind to prevent harm to others.

The American system, as set up originally, realized that there are basic flaws in man that lead him into corruption and tyranny.  But rather than squelch it by restricting the better part of human nature, it was set up to encourage the best and still allow the people themselves to fight against and weed out those who may go too far toward the harmful and dangerous behaviors that could hurt society.  Instead of not allowing people to have arms, as a governmental control to avoid harm, the people were allowed to keep and bear arms.  This is amazing.  It shows that the government can be maintained as long as the people allow it.  Most people are good and will do what is right; however, should those in government go too far, the people will not be powerless and they can defend themselves and their freedoms against tyranny because they have the tools with which to do it.

This idea was totally radical.  It had been conceived of but never actually tried before.  This was the Great Experiment.  This was the hope for the people of the entire world.  This marvelous experiment was so successful that people were able to unleash their creative genius and invent and conspire together to make the most wonderful machines and technology in the shortest period of time since man walked on the earth.  Never before had such great accomplishments occurred so quickly.  People around the world have been lifted from poverty and poor health more than ever before.  Ways of producing food, clean water, medicines, all manner of things to improve the lives of people have come from the freedom of the people of one nation spreading to the rest of the world.

But somehow, that isn’t good enough for some people.  They still maintain the idea that, as great as this has been, it isn’t good enough because it isn’t what they consider perfect.  Somehow they believe that they can make it perfect.  They believe that by restricting and regulating more and more, and thereby denying freedoms to more and more people, they can take care of everyone and all those Utopian dreams can be achieved.  But those who believe that is possible are, again, not allowing for human nature in all its forms.

Let’s assume someone with such ideas was given the ability to rule the world.  That person would be able to make all the decisions for everyone else.  That person could decide what you were allowed to do for a living, how much you would earn, what your working conditions would be, where you would live, what you would learn (if you were allowed to be educated at all), how much food you could have, how large or small your house would be, how many children, if any, you could have, even whether you could live or die.

Now think about that.  One person, just as flawed as anyone else, being able to decide all those things for you and everyone else.  Who should that person be?  Obviously someone you agree with.  But what if it’s someone you don’t agree with?  Or what if it is someone you agree with, but over time, since human nature is what it is, their ideas morph and become something you don’t agree with?  What if it’s someone who was very good at hiding their true ambitions.  What if they convinced everyone they were going to do one thing and did something that was diametrically opposed to that?  Human nature is a funny thing.  A person’s entire way of thinking can change very quickly due to the onset of a mental illness or corruption or any number of things.  But once a person is given all the power, how is it to be taken away should things go terribly wrong?

What if instead of one person, it is a group of people given such power?  Wouldn’t the same potential for disaster exist?  Wouldn’t it be just as dangerous to place the decisions for everyone in the hands of just a few?

That is why America has been so successful.  The power was placed in the hands of the people rather than a few leaders.  But, for the last 100 years there has been a push by those who believe only a few have enough intelligence and ability to run the country.  They call themselves Progressives or Marxists or Socialists or Communists or Democrats or even Republicans.  They call themselves by any number of names.  But what they all have in common is the belief that they have all the answers and the rest of the population has no clue at all how to achieve greatness.  They believe that everyone else must be shepherded and looked after and saved from ourselves because we aren’t bright enough or capable enough to do things for ourselves.  Everything must be governed and governed by them.  They are going to ensure that we are all happy and content.  None of us should ever suffer financial, physical, mental or emotional distress.  They are going to see to it.

Once again, not a thought is given to human nature.  The very people who claim to have the ability to do that are proving the flaws in their own nature.  No one has the right to take away anyone else’s failures.  Not anymore than they have the right to take away anyone else’s successes.  Humans learn fastest and best through failures.  It is sad, but it is true.  The school of hard knocks is the one school that can claim the best success stories for its graduates.  As a parent, you don’t want your child to stumble and fall, but you know it has to happen and you know your child will learn from it.  The government, first of all, is not my parent.  Second of all, it has no right to prevent me from stumbling and falling.  If I open a business and I am successful, that is my success.  I earned it and it is not due to the government.  On the other hand, if I open a business and it fails, that is my failure.  I earned it and it is not due to the government.

This is called accountability.  This is where we get back to the beginning.  I answer to a high power than man.  No man can claim my successes or my failures.  They are mine alone.  And no man has the authority to tell me how to run my life or my family.  As long as I am not harming society, I am to be left alone to find my own path, easy or difficult.  That is freedom.  And because most men are good or try to do good, there is no need for a government to protect us from ourselves.  We make mistakes and we do great things.  There cannot be one without the other.  No group of people will ever be able to ensure anything greater than what free people can do when left to be free and allowed opportunity.

Global warming, oil drilling, demographics, disease, famine, all these things are better left to the free people who are basically decent and care for their fellow man.  Some people are not decent.  Most people are.  The chances that a huge population will find the right way are much better than that one or two people in a small group will do so.

Another thing about human nature is that, even if something is good for a man, he will resist it if it is forced upon him.  Therefore, no matter if there were a perfect human making all the decisions for everyone else, those decisions would be reviled and fought against simply because the people would have no choice.

Utopia cannot exist with mortal beings.  We must allow for human nature and all of its wonderful abilities and flaws.  No one can truly control another and why would we want to?  Opportunity, to succeed as well as to fail, and the freedom to pursue opportunity is the greatest gift, other than life itself, that anyone can have.  Whenever any law is enacted, it restricts a freedom somehow for someone.

This is the difference in the thinking of Liberals and Conservatives, not Democrats and Republicans.  Liberals are actually opposed to liberating people.  They feel that by making all the decisions for people, they are doing the best for them, which is not their responsibility to begin with.  It is up to the individual to do what is best for himself.  Conservatives want to restrict government to allow the people to have more of their own freedom.  They want to govern conservatively, not overwhelmingly.  Personally, judging from history, I prefer the conservative approach.

I don’t need or want the government to force my employer to provide a safe working place.  I don’t need or want the government to make sure my water is pure or my food is safe or my wage is a certain amount or my education is free or my law enforcement is unbiased or my neighborhood has a certain ratio of all religions.  Those are all things I can do within my community as an individual joining with other local individuals or as a worker negotiating with my employer myself.

If I don’t like the way my community handles things, I have the freedom to pack up and move to another community where I do like the way things are handled.  If I don’t like the way my local law enforcement treats certain races, I can make changes to my local law enforcement agency personnel or move away.  If I don’t think I’m being treated well in the workplace or I’m at risk for my safety or not being paid what I’m worth, I can quit and work somewhere else.

If I’m not willing to do those things, then I’m allowing others to control my life and I must accept it.  But it is not up to the government or anyone else to fix those things for me.  It is up to me.  If enough people agree with me and are willing to do what is needed, as I am, then the community will repair itself or it will cease to exist.  There are ghost towns which bear this out.  The people don’t need to have restrictions and regulations forced on the community which take away their freedom to do it for themselves.

That is demeaning.  It sends a signal to the people that they aren’t capable or smart enough to do things for themselves.  Worst of all, it takes away an individual’s personal power over their own life and transfers that power to an unknown, faceless government who has no personal connection to that person and bit by bit more and more power is accrued by that impersonal government and less and less is left to the individual.  More government means less freedom and, because government is made up of a relatively small number of individuals, it means government becomes more powerful and people retain less freedom.

In order to remain free, we must be willing to do the work for ourselves and accept responsibility for the good and bad that we say and do.  We must not be willing to let someone else do for us what we can and should be doing for ourselves.  Every time someone else does something for us, we lose the power to do it for ourselves.  Nothing is free.  We pay for it with our freedom or our time or our money, sometimes with all of those.  If one person is getting a meal for free, someone else has paid for it.  If someone is getting their rent paid for them, someone else has worked and earned the money that was used to do it.  Freedom has a high price but it’s worth it.  If you allow others to do anything for you at all, you are allowing them to pull your strings.  He who controls the gold makes the rules.  If you are willing to take something from another, you must dance to their tune.  You owe them.  They control you.  That is not freedom.  That is slavery.

When you take something from the government, you are really taking it from your fellow citizens who paid the taxes that funded that service, whatever it may be.  And always remember, government is made up of flawed people who are subject to human nature which includes good as well as bad.  The more power a person has, eventually they will succumb to their basic human nature which includes the flaw of corruption.  Don’t hate the person for being human, just remember they aren’t any less flawed than you and keep control of your own power.  Hold onto your freedom.  Don’t be so willing to point the finger of blame at someone else.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your own actions.  But never be willing to take from another what you could have earned for yourself.  Stay free and encourage others to do the same.