Response to Imam’s Claim That “Westerners Are Like Pigs”

My question is: How would they know? They aren’t allowed to own pigs. They aren’t allowed to eat pigs. They aren’t allowed to touch pigs. They aren’t allowed to have any type of contact with pigs at all. Therefore they know absolutely nothing about pigs other than what they look like. So how would they know if westerners are like pigs? We don’t look like pigs. We look like the Imam himself. We have one head, two arms, two legs, and we walk upright on two feet. No pig can fit that description. So again, I must ask, how would they know if we are like pigs? Since we appear to look much more like them than like pigs, and since they know nothing else about a pig other than what it looks like, I would say we are much more like them. And if we are like pigs, wouldn’t that make them just as much like pigs as we are? Just sayin’ . . .

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Islam is NOT a Religion

Islam is a governmental system. It is a totalitarian system that dominates every aspect of daily life. It is tyranny on steroids. The religion that Islam allows is Muslim. Muslim is a religion, but only able to exist if Islam is the system of government.

Muslim cannot exist without Islam to support it and Islam cannot exist without Muslim followers because neither one allows for any freedom or questioning or individuality. The Muslim faith MUST have a legal system (Sharia) and governmental system (Islam) that will enforce its religious practices or else people will question its practices and many will no longer abide by them. Islam MUST have Muslim believers because without them the government would have too many people questioning its tyrannical hold and dominance over them and many would rise up against that government.

Christianity existed long before there was a USA constitution and without Christianity, the USA would still be able to maintain its legal system and government. The USA does not need world dominance to exist and remain strong on its own. The USA was founded mainly on Christian teachings, but it would survive with Jewish, Buddhist, Daoist teachings just as well. Islam cannot do that, which is why they continually try to force Islam on every living being.

If there is even one person who does not submit to Islam, Islam is imperiled because that one person would be the weak link in their chain of dominance. The human spirit always seeks freedom. That will always be Islam’s weakness.


Sharia Law

For many generations Jews have lived and worked in Christian communities without violence.  They have maintained their religious requirements in diet and worship and daily life.  They have not tried to force their beliefs or religious laws on anyone else.  In return, the Christians have benefited from their friendship and been just as tolerant of them.  That is not to say there haven’t been some with anti-Semitic sentiments who have been intolerant and disrespectful, but by and large that has not been the case in recent decades.

Now Western culture is faced with a different religion from the Middle East.  This religion, Muslim or Islam, is extremely intolerant of any other religion.  It is a religion with its own set of laws which they carry over into their secular lives.  The law, Sharia, is very harsh and uses extreme brutality in many cases as punishment for infractions of that law.

The difficulty here is that, while Jews adhere to religious laws, those laws do not preclude the laws of the land in which they live.  Jews are subject to the magistrates and legal authority of the country. They do not segregate themselves into separate communities or try to live by separate and very different laws from the rest of the nation.  In this way they mix and benefit within their communities with others from differing faiths and there is a very symbiotic relationship formed.

Practitioners of Sharia are quite different.  They form separate communities from the rest of their neighbors.  They practice Sharia law even if it is against the laws already established in that country.  In other words, they put their religious law in a place above the law of the land.  They do not subject themselves to the laws all other citizens are subject to.  They disrespect and disregard the law of the land.  They hold themselves apart.  This is not at all similar to the segregation people of color were subjected to before the civil rights movement.  These people are choosing to be segregated.

They are also demanding the rest of society change to be in alignment with their Sharia religious dogma.  They attempt to use the law of the land, which they refuse to abide by, to force restaurants and other business establishments to provide them with their particular religious requirements based on our freedom of religion amendment in our constitution.

First of all, freedom of religion means you may worship any way you see fit.  It does not in any way mean that others must change in any way to accommodate your faith.  Secondly, when anyone enters another country voluntarily, they do so knowing what that nation’s culture is.  They are not forced to enter.  They are aware of the differences between where they are leaving and where they are going.

The laws of the nation they are entering are exactly that, laws.  All citizens and foreigners are expected to abide by those laws.  Now, if a person wants to leave their own country for whatever reason, they are free to choose what country they wish to move to.  If a country has laws that they do not agree with, they do not have to go there.  If their own country is not comfortable for them, they can remain there and work to change things there.  If that is not possible for them, then they must realize that wherever they choose to go, they will have to make some changes in order to achieve some degree of happiness.

No sovereign nation is expected to change its culture to accommodate immigrants.  Immigration is a regulated act which allows people from other nations to enter based on the benefits that immigrant will be able to provide for their new nation.  It is not a safety net nor is it meant to benefit the immigrant.  Quite the opposite.  There is no reason for any nation to take in people who would be a drain on them financially or cause disease or criminal activities to take root in their country.

America has been very welcoming over the years.  But there has always been the requirement that a person entering to live here permanently should have a job and ability to work and provide for themselves.  They have always had to be screened physically to ensure they have no disease that would infect the population here.  They have had to be cleared on criminal background checks.  They have also had to be cleared of any possible threat to the government, such as affiliations with groups that would try to overthrow our own government.

Suddenly we are being told that to do that is not in keeping with what America is all about.  Even in the early 1900s, when Ellis Island was the first stop upon entrance into America, these same stringent requirements were in effect.  Nothing has changed.

But when we are allowing people into this country who refuse to live by the established laws of the land and who are immediately placed on welfare roles rather than working, when the people coming in are refusing to assimilate and conform to our culture, then we are setting ourselves up for disaster within our own borders.

If the Jews, a religion that has spanned thousands of years, can assimilate and become part of our culture without harming their own, then there is no reason Muslims or Islamists can’t do the same.  They are not wanting to join us.  They are wanting to destroy us and set up their own country in place of ours.  Any who would bow to their demands are being foolish.  Our culture is healthy and has welcomed people from all other cultures.  There is no reason for us to change.  Sharia law is not the law of this land and we should never allow such things to occur here.

In Great Britain there are now 85 Sharia courts established and many enclaves of Muslims who control everything which occurs within those enclaves.  The laws of Great Britain are routinely broken and Sharia law is considered the only law in those areas.  It is tearing down the structure of Great Britain.  Women are killed, sexually mutilated, young girls are forced into polygamous marriages, dismemberment is used as punishment for certain crimes against Sharia and established law enforcement is not even allowed to enter those areas.  A nation cannot long exist without the ability to enforce its laws equitably among all of its citizens.  France is experiencing the same problems as are Germany, Switzerland and many other European nations with Muslims within their borders.

It is fine to mouth the words that Muslim and Islam are faiths of peace, but in reality that is only so if the people follow Sharia.  If not, there is no peace.  There is only fear, barbarism, terror and death for anyone who does not abide by their Sharia law.  This cannot be allowed to happen here.  We must be willing to stand firm on this.  Anyone entering this country must be willing to abide by the constitution and the state and local laws already in effect.  There can be no other laws held to be superior to that.  It is not refusing to allow someone to practice their faith.  It has nothing to do with that.  They may worship in any way they choose, but their religion is not to supersede the laws of the land.  If that is necessary for them, then they need to live in a nation that abides by Sharia law.  America does not and will not.